Meorot is a one-year seminary program designed for motivated girls, who want a deeper understanding and relationship with their Judaism and Torah Learning. We are a program focused on  individualized attention, working with you at your pace – set on the wonderful campus of Neve Yerushalayim in Jerusalem. Meorot enjoys the best of both worlds; a nurturing warm program, and the power of a world-class teaching facility such is Neve Yerushalayim.

The primary focus of Meorot is the Torah Learning. The ideas and the beauty in deep understanding of Torah, Jewish Living, spirituality and Personal growth – is the real ‘inner-light’ of Meorot.

Our 3 Tracks

We start by recognizing that your year in Israel, is not ‘just a year in israel’. The year at Meorot is really a springboard for life-long deepening of the relationship with Judaism. We try to help synthesize and integrate this, by providing a variety of options for you to further your academic advancement, while here in Israel!

We have 3 vocational tracks:  Medical;Business;Leadership