We provide training to become a First Responder (60 hours)  with ongoing volunteering opportunities in ER’s and  in Jerusalem’s hospitals and on ambulance services (Haddasah Ein Karem / Sha’arei Tzedek). The training (one afternoon per week) is fantastic, and the real-life experience of dealing with real-life situations while volunteering, is absolutely unparalleled.

Alongside the medical track, we provide courses about ‘medical ethics’, ‘medicine on Shabbat’ and other contemporary ‘life-issues’ classes. The Torah aspect and the practical, go hand in hand.


We provide a top quality track in Business and Marketing. The purpose is to give students an understanding of the role and process of planning in a contemporary business; to be familiar with organization and design in large businesses and corporations; to have a basic understanding of the principles of organization behavior, motivation, communication, and corporate decision making; and to understand the nature and practice of marketing within the business organization and the larger societal environment.We will also be offering a fantastic graphics design course as part of the business track.


Many of us have had background in Youth Activity. We do not believe that this should end when you come to Israel. Come to Israel, draw on the inspiration, and then bring that energy back to your hometowns. Leadership is a key to having your voice heard. We will look at Jewish Leaders in The Torah and throughout Jewish History. We will try to understand them, and take life lessons from their lives. This will be coupled with techniques in Leadership and public speaking.